Lifeproof iPhone 6s Plus Case - Lifeproof Fre Series Custom Glitter Case for iPhone 6 Plus, Retail Packaging - Black Small Chevron Gold/Black (5.5 inch)


This is an actual Lifeproof Fre iPhone 6 Plus case that we have customized with Glitter. We apply the Glitter to the back shell of the Lifeproof Commuter case and seal it to minimize flaking. This is a one of a kind case that is made just for you! We do use real glitter flakes on this case and because of this you can feel its texture. However, with the sealant we apply it does smooth out a bit. The case tends to provide a nice grip while allowing it to slide in and out of pockets and purses easily. Glitter sparkle is created with the reflection of light. The better the light source, the better the sparkle will be. Sunlight generally brings out its nicest sparkle. *These cases are NOT customized by Lifeproof.

  • Design is HANDMADE with REAL Glitter Flakes, not a plastic or printed design!
  • Because we do use real glitter flakes to customize these cases, you will feel the natural glitter texture.
  • Glitter sparkle is created when light reflects off of it, much like how a diamond's sparkle is created with a reflection of light.
  • Each case is made to order to ensure attention to detail and quality!
  • Authentic Lifeproof Fre Case

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